Angels of the Metaverse


March 31


0.33 SOL - 1.2 SOL


Sold out


Origin angels
minted in 8 min


Sol volumen
trade in 1 day



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Angels of the Metaverse

As seen on

March 31


Sold out


Origin angels
minted in 8 min


Sol volumen
trade in 1 day



Why minting?

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This project was thought by 3 brothers, entrepreneurs, who firmly believe that everyone has an angel that looks after us. In our case, our angel is our dad, who suffered an accident and is now gone to become an angel that protects us, looks after us and we know will always be there for us.

Who are the Angels of the Metaverse?

⚔️The Adelos Army⚔️ In the beginning, the animus weren’t but wisp-like echoes of the humans they originated from….

Who wouldn’t want an angel in their lives?

We know that angles look sweet and small, but they are fierce warriors willing to do everything to protect us from evil. That´s we have gathered an army of 1159 angels that will fight against evil, dark forces that lurk to come back…

Why 1159?

As we said, this project is to honour our guardian angel who was born 11/11/195 9. It’s our lucky number.


Yes, There´s one.. You can check it right here

Ready for the metaverse

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Road Map

Phase 1 . -Angels ascend.

During our first week after sold out, angels ascend.
During this week, there will be a huge 20 SOL raffle for angels that are capable of this magnificent task.
Want to know how to ascend? Check our discord for rules on how your angel will qualify.
Angels are good at heart, but they do know how to punish those who fail ascension.

Phase 2. Army formation

This is the time to gather your angels and form your army to defeat evil. At this stage, there will be special gifts and airdrops for wallets that hold an army.
At this point, rarity won’t matter because the strength is in the numbers.
Check our discord to know how you can best for your army and get special artifacts for your angels.

Phase 3. Get ready for the battle

We are up against the worst enemy, but we are ready!
20% of the community wallet will be used to recruit more angels and warriors. The entire world will need to know what we are fighting for, we need them on our side.

Phase 4. knowing our enemy

Don’t forget we are the angels of the metaverse and we are ready to protect it from all evil.

6666 enemies are about to arrive. Are you ready?

If you hold a 3d angel you will be able to mint a 3d Devil for FREE, yes! FREE

Why minting?

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Launch date

Phase 1

February 10

Price : 0.33 SOL

Price : 0.85 SOL - 1.2 SOL


Solana is the chosen one. Gas fees are al most non existent. 

We are currently talking to all marketplaces and will update soon on discord and website.

Both the keys and 2D angels are free. 3D angels and 3D devils price will be anounced on discord.

Join our discord for specific instructions.

Yes, there will. Soon after launch you’ll get updated. Please join our discord to stay updated.

There are many things planned: utility, marketplace and finally a metaverse game. Are you ready?


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Concept and Investors:

We are 3 brothers, entrepreneurs in Technology, Marketing and Education.

3rth Master in DIgital Marketing, 2nd MBA and Harvard alumni and 1st University of Alberta Alumni.

Businesses with annual revenue of more than 1 million USD

Heavily invested in crypto.

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2d Artist

She is an angel indeed. Her art is amazing. Go check her out at her instagram and give her some love.

Instagram @meiart99

She’s being working closely with our team for the 2D angels launch.

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3d Artist

Andrés is a Colombian artist who loves to create art from scratch. 

He got our ideas from the first time and has being working on some sick art for the 3D devils and 3D angels. 

Here you can check an early preview of a devil in progress. 

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Pamela is in charge of the story behing the Angels of the Metaverse. 

She is a creative genius who loves to write more than anything. 

You can check her our at @reveriesociety_ on instagram. 

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Legal team

Top Intellectual Property Law Firm in South America.

We’ve made sure to avoid any IP issues with artist and any creatives and art developed for this project. 

That way you can make sure your NFT rights belong to you. 

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Marketing Team

We are working closely with one of our partners, one of the largest Digital Marketing Agencies in South America.

They’ve worked with some of the largest companies in the continent. 

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Core Team

Our angelical team composed of 5 experienced designers, 2 Community Managers,  1 Creative Director and an 8 year expert in software development.