Devils of the Metaverse

Start earning Passive Rewars by holding Aotm NFTs

A great community like ours doesn’t need to wait for the whole game to be launched to start collecting rewards in the solana blockchain. Our $shadow token will be able to be collected before the game is launched.

Since 2d Angels were a free mint and Keypass were free airdrop the distribution of staking of AotM will be like this:

Every 2d angel NFT = 1 $shadow token / day

Every Keypass NFT = 20 $shadow token / day

Every 3d Angel NFT = 50 $shadow token / day

Every 3d Devil NFT = TBD after mint.

About Game

AOTM Arena Battle

Our Angels have now to defeat Devils in each of our arenas. More characters and
arenas will come soon where you can:


Addictive PVE & PVP duels and

Win & Profit

Receive tokens, forge NFTs & earn crypto


Equip your champion with legendary NFT items to win more


Buy arenas – become an arena master and earn passive income

Metaverse Integration

Explore new galaxies, stars, and planets in this vast play-to-earn open metaverse.

You will be able to play as a Devil avatar in the next month

We use the best technologies

We’re currently in touch with major players to create one of the most 
descentralized project


Solana is the chosen one. Gas fees are al most non existent. 

We are currently talking to all marketplaces and will update soon on discord and website.


Join our discord for specific instructions.